RF welders are machines capable of fusing a range of plastics, including PVC, PU, PE and TPU. Our customers are primarily in the tent and tarp industries, but our welders can be used in a wide variety of applications, some of which include dam liners,  truck covers, tarpaulin, billboards and blisterpacks, to name just a few. Machines that we sell, new and refurbished, come fitted with our own electronic control system and comes standard with a pneumatic foot pedal, but can be customised to your needs.

All machines we sell will also come standard with  flash prevention, as well as having an Aluminium barrier on the bar, to make for a more efficient weld, as well as allowing for easy changing in the event that a flash does occur.


We do repairs to all makes of RF Welders

New 8KW RF Welder

Our welder comes fitted with an 800mm bar. It has a deep throat which is good for the tent and tarp industry as it allows a large amount of material to be stacked behind the welding table. A standard feature is the anti-flash unit, which will cut off the welding in the event of a flash, saving your bar and material. There is the option to upgrade the valve, making this unit a 10KW. 

R220 000 + VAT

New 5KW

This is a new 5kw welder, equiped with an anti-flash unit and a bar length of 500mm. This unit can be supplied with a heated head to suit your requirements.

R125 000 + VAT


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