Corona Treaters

Corona treaters increase the surface energy of films, foils and paper to improve the adhesion of inks, in a wide variety of industries. Treaters are often fitted directly inline on plastic extruders and printers. Our treater stations can be built on request to fit your requirements and web width. 

At EDD we manufacture and supply treater and stations to customer specification, as well as modifications to your existing stations if required. Our Corona treaters can be supplied with either a ceramic bar electrode or a silicone roller, depending on your requirements and preference.We offer both single and double sided treatment.  At EDD we keep a stocklist of silicone sleeving for various rollers and various spares, including HT cable and high voltage insulation materials. We offer custom manufacture of both square and round ceramic electrodes, as well as being able to supply treater fingers to your specification.


We also offer repairs to all makes of treaters  and HT transformers, including:








Ferrarini and Benelli








Various Chinese and Indian branded treaters


We do repairs to all makes of High frequency treaters

4KW EDD Treater 

This is our custom built EDD treater that is rated at 4kw of power. It is igbt driven, with all the necessary safety features built in, such as overload, anti-flash and rotation sensing. This treater comes with a manual power control and start, as well as an automatic run setting. This will stop and start the treater in time with your extruder or printer. We can also offer both manual and automatic station open and close if your current station is fitted with pneumatics. By request we can add on an automatic power ramp, which will increase the power in relation to the speed that your web is running at. 

R80 000 + VAT 

Demo Ceramic Bar Treater Station

This  treater station was purchased by a customer but never used. It is in mint condition, and comes fitted with ceramic bars and double sided treatment.  It can take up to a 900mm web width and has multiple safety features, such as pneumatic controlled lifts on the bars to move them out of the way of any bubbles or joins, saving your ceramic electodes. This station has 6 ceramic electrodes, so it can handle up to 5.5kw of power. We can custom build a high powered treater generator to go with this station for an aditional R95 000 + VAT

R200 000 + VAT 

Ceramic Treater electrodes

Electronic Design and Development provides ceramic electrode bars of all sizes for many types of corona treater stations. We offer both round and square bars.

We have been supplying ceramic electrode bars for our own corona treater systems and other corona treater systems for over 10 years. We service multiple big name brands in KZN such as Nampak, Astrapack and Afripack for all their corona treater needs.

Electronic Design and Developments ceramic electrode bars are unique for the following reasons

  • Radically less expensive than conventional ceramic electrode bars
  • Cut to any length required, no fixed lengths. We can do anything up to two meters.
  • Bars are tested internally before being sent out.

From R8.50 per mm + VAT 

Silicone Sleeving for treater stations

Electronic Design and Development has been working in the corona industry for the last 30 years and we are proud to include the likes of Nampak, Astrapak and Afripack as some of our clients.

As we are quite well known in the industry we can supply silicon sleeving for the corona treaters at a reasonable price.

We keep a stocklist of various diameter silicon sleeving to fit most treater stations. 

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Treater spares and parts

We keep on hand a range of spare components for treaters and treater stations. Contact us with a specific request and we will do our best to accomidate you.

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